Please read carefully, as by paying for work to be carried out by Swift Business Group you are agreeing to our work and payment terms and conditions. 

1) Swift Business Group build all e-commerce sites using shopify.  The theme we choose will depend on the type of store we are building and what we think will convert best for your store and customer target. You may choose the theme if you prefer. 

2) We take no responsibility for any issues including host outages after the website has been taken/ transferred to you, unless they are our own site build issues. 

3) We are not liable for any extra costs relating to your website or adjustments to your website after it has been taken/ transferred to you, with the exception of adjustments to fix any work that may have been overlooked by us. Any other extra work required upon your request will be charged at our normal hourly rate. ( Starting at $100 P/H ( depending on the complexity of the work to be carried out). 

4) Because of our high client demand, and fast turn around we are unable to offer a payment plan at this stage, and require full payment upfront before any work is carried out. 

5) If for any unforeseen reason we can not carry out the requested work after payment has been received, we will contact you and arrange a full refund back to your original payment method. 

6) If for any unforeseen reason we can not complete work for you that we have started, we will contact you regarding a partial or full refund or arrange for the work to be completed by a third party at no extra cost to you. 

7) If you change your mind after payment has been made and PRIOR to commencement of work we will cancel your work request and refund your payment less a 5% administration / booking fee.  If we have already commenced work on your site and you change your mind, you will NOT be entitled to a refund with the exception of unusual and unforeseen urgent circumstances, and therefore we will agree on an amount to be refunded upon our discretion. 

8) Swift Business Group will provide clients with the appropriate training upon completion of our work / site build to ensure you have an understanding of the management of the site. Our training takes approximately 2 hours and is at no cost to you. If you require further training and we have already trained you in this area, we may charge you for the extra time. We ask our clients to be attentive during our training session so that we can avoid repeating this process. If we have missed something that we should have gone over and is in our checklist, we will provide the extra time at no charge to you. 

8) Swift Business Group take no responsibility for any extra third party payment Integrations or decline of such. ( For example, you may wish to partner with Afterpay, Zip-pay and the like and be turned away by them ). We have no affiliation with these groups, and applying for these services are your own responsibility. 

9) We are happy to provide a reasonable amount of support and some advice for our "site build" clients via email post training, free of charge within reason.

10) If you require extra and separate business advice and continued help with anything to do with your business after training and support has been provided you will be charged our regular or discounted fee ( Our service fees vary ). 

We reserve the right to share Images of online stores we build, for advertising purposes, but will never disclose your personal Information to other clients or third parties.